tired of waiting ... u know ?

Always Keep the Faith

i'm a simple indonesia girl.. i'm currently 15
my birthday is at 26 December 1993

i can speak
- indonesian *of course*
- english *not so good*
- chinese *not so good too*
- japanese *still studying n very very bad*
- korean *very very very very very poor*

i don't really know why i've this journal *get whacked*
but,, i'm really happy about my journal

in here,,
i won't write too much..
maybe only a few times a month.. *yes, i'm very lazy n has too many homework*
but i'll write everytime i'm free!!

Even there's a section bout interest,,
i'll still tell u about my interest here!! ^________^
i ♥♥♥ MUSIC..
K-pop, J-pop, and western...

*gotta go now,, this isn't done.. but my mom is calling me*
*uknow yunho!!!♥♥♥*, anime!!, boa *jpop or kpop??*, dbsk is #1, hsj, kat-tun, kattun, koda kumi, music!!, my interest is..., news, ss501, super junior, utada hikaru, wonder girls, yui